I am a Designer, Lover of Typography, & an Imaginative Storyteller.

[dropcap color="#ee6251"]T[/dropcap] hrough-out the design community, we were always told that design isn’t just a career, it is a lifestyle. Up to this point in my life, I always fought again ‘the typical designer’ stereotype; Minimalist design, a hatred of comic sans, and an over use of helvetica…you get the idea. It wasn’t until I moved out of home, had my first real design job, that I realized I lived in a world of design whether I fought the stereotype or not. It is the way my brain functions, I can not turn it off, it is who I am.

I can not go out shopping for clothes, furniture, etc. without thinking; I can make this myself and make it better. This results in me never buying anything I want and never actually doing said project because I am an overachiever who works two jobs in fields that I love.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Sage College of Albany for Graphic + Media Design. During my time there, I was lucky enough to work in the student life office as their marketing assistant. That meant lots of projects and experience for my portfolio. If you go to my Portfolio you can check out some of the many projects I have worked on, all of which I am proud to say I designed.

Currently, I work at Thornwillow Press as a Senior Graphic Designer and as a Part-Time Manager at the Disney Store. When I tell most people, they are amazed I work at such different jobs. The way I see it, you need to be creative and imaginative at both. They both achieve skills I love to use. As a graphic designer I get to create beautiful invitations or business cards using old time printing techniques such as engraving. As a manager, I get to interact with ‘guests’ and help princesses plan for a royal ball. Nothing makes me happier then bringing stories to life. That applies to both places that I work. I am a storyteller, a problem solver, and an artist all in one.

[quote color="#ee6251"]“Type is very much like background music, you don’t really notice it, if you notice it, it is bad. I always say it is like air, you only talk about it when it’s bad or there isn’t any. Type is there, you see it but you don’t about it. Well normal people don’t say oh what a beautiful type face, well I do.” – Erik Spikermann[/quote]


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